General Questions

It’s simple, just install this little javascript snippet into the <head> section of your page. Replace {YOUR_CLIENT_ID} with the ID we sent you in the signup confirmation email:

<script>var JETSCALE=function(){var e=void 0!==JETSCALE&&void 0![];return{events:e,event:function(n){e.push(n)}}}();</script>

<script type="text/javascript" src="{YOUR_CLIENT_ID}" async defer></script>

Don’t be afraid that loading this script will make your website slower as the script will be loaded asynchronously and deferred.

If you don’t see data coming into your dashboard: Check the code manually to see if the beacon was sent correctly.

In almost every website there are different kinds of pages. You could for example tag some pages as:

  • Homepage
  • Category Page
  • Product Page
  • Static Page (Imprint, Terms)

By grouping your pages in such a way you’ll be able to see the aggregated data for those specific Page groups inside your Real User Monitoring dashboard, so you’ll be able to able to track page speed, bounce rate, conversions, and so on,  on different sets of pages.

Note: There might be also other use cases for Page Groups. I you want to find out what makes sense for your project feel free to contact us using the LIVE chat that’s in your dashboard or email us at: [email protected]

In order to tell Jetscale the Page Group you need to render this little script on each page. You can put either in the <head> or <body> section of your site. Make sure you do this after implementing the Real User Monitoring Snippet.

<script>JETSCALE.pageGroup = 'My Page Group'</script>

Simply replace ‘My Page Group’ with the actual String that you want us to track.

Note: There might be also other use cases for Page Groups. I you want to find out what makes sense for your project feel free to contact us using the LIVE chat that’s in your dashboard or email us at: [email protected]

Simply check the integration by refreshing your dashboard, if the snipped code was installed successfully you should be able to see data coming in.

Jetscale allows you to send us conversion data, which enables us to relate your user experience, load time and bounce rate with your actual conversion. Using this feature gives you very valuable insights so that you can detect which effect your measures have on your overall revenue.

You can start tracking conversions by adding this little snippet somewhere in your <head> or <body> section but after the Jetscale RUM Snippet.

if (typeof JETSCALE !== 'undefined') {
  try {
      url: document.referrer,
      revenue: ‘0.15',
      type: 'clickout',
      currencyCode: 'EUR'
  } catch(err) {}

Here are some instructions of how to fill the fields:

url: (defaults to document.location.href which is considered the current URL).

If you know that your conversion happened on any other page then the current one that you can set the URL field to the URL that you want to be considered as Conversion Point. E.g. if you know that the conversion happened in the exact previous page view then you can add document.referrer.


Your actual revenue that you made with this transaction. It has a precision of 2 decimals and uses a ‘.’ (dot) as decimal delimiter.


You can type your Revenue in order to get even deeper insides or group your revenue streams. E.g. you are able to track

  • Clickouts,
  • Newsletter Signups,
  • and many more

individually. This makes sense if you can determine different income streams from each other. Jetscale RUM will then allow you to relate this conversion data with your actual page load time.


We use ISO 4217 compliant currency codes. Those are for example

EUR for Euro
USD for United States Dollars

Further information on Currency codes can be found here.


Troubleshooting FAQ

  • First make sure that js-rum.min.js file is loaded properly in the <head> section of your HTML
  • If you are sure the file is there then try to flush all your caches to make sure the HTML updated accordingly
  • Reload the page and wait for everything to be fully loaded. You should then see a POST request to with all the required data

If you see the POST request but still see no data, the POST to may be coming from a domain that is not assigned to your account. Jetscale Real User Monitoring saves only beacons that are being sent from the domains of our clients. We do this to avoid spammy data polluting your dashboards.

NOTE: Please contact our support team to make sure all your sites are properly tracked, you can reach out to us via the LIVE chat that’s inside your dashboard, or email us at: [email protected]